Glasurit 90-IC-440 Interior Color System Metallics/Solids/Pearl Effects


Mixing formulas with 90-IC 440 mixing clear and mixing bases are available to cover the whole range of colours needed in automotive refinishing. |Substrates/Pre-treatment: Solvent-resistant old paintwork, e-coated substrates, Glasurit 285- or 801- primer fillers/surfacers | Clean surfaces with 700-1 / sand with P400 - P500 / clean again with 700-1. | For e-coated substrates that are difficult to reach, cleaning with 700-1 is sufficient. | Prime bare metal areas with Glasurit 183-70.Mixing formulas that contain 90-M5, 93-E3, 11-E waterborne mixing bases or mixing base concentrates 80-M cannot be used with 90-IC 440.