Find out how to use the Glasurit Products and which process can be applied how

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Classic Car Refinish Processes

This e-book provides technicians with a thorough explanation of the “Classic Car Color”-Processes (CCC-Processes) for automotive refinishing.  
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Color and Design

Provides technicians with a thorough explanation of the Refinish Processes which are “Color and Design” related.
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Color Retrieval with RATIO Scan 12/6

Glasurit’s RATIO SCAN 12/6 is a future-oriented spectrophotometer that complements existing color-matching systems. The Glasurit Profit Manager is used to integrate the spectrophotometer into the color-matching processes for the automotive refinishing segment.  
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Interior Color Process

You will acquire systematic insights into the concept, set-up, targets, benefits and procedures of the interior color process, which enables customers to paint interior areas such as the engine compartment and trunk without using any clearcoat.
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Special Refinish Processes - System

Provides technicians with a thorough explanation of the Special Refinish Processes for automotive refinishing which are “SYSTEM” related. These processes are related to original equipment manufacturer specifications or drying equipment (i.e. IR-drying process).
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UV Primer Filler Process

The UV Primer Filler Process is an easy and safe solution for repairing small to medium-size damage.