Find out how to use the Glasurit Products and which process can be applied how

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Fast Repair

You will learn how to use the Fast Repair Process to repair an approx. DIN A5-size damage site and a maximum of one to three panels.
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Low-energy process

The low-energy process presents a repair solution with our air-drying products that helps to save energy costs.
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RATIO Value Repair Process

This module provides technicians with a thorough explanation of the RATIO Value Repair Process with regard to setup, targets, benefits and procedure for working on a value repair.  
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2022-0032d-GL RP1.2

UV Spot Repair Process

Technicians are provided with a thorough explanation of the concept, set-up, targets, benefits and procedures of the UV spot repair process. The UV spot repair process is designed for the repair of smaller scratches and minor stone-chipping damage.