Glasurit 90 LINE


Glasurit 90 LINE - WATERBORNE COLOUR COMPETENCETHE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR EVERY VEHICLE AND EVERY COLOUR Outstanding hiding power, easy application and optimal process times make 90 Line a genuine all-round talent among automotive coatings, both for solid and for metallic and special-effect colours. it’s no coincidence that 90 Line is the most successful waterborne basecoat system on the European market. The secret of this success is the perfect harmony of the basecoat and colour system. in addition to its completely straightforward workfow, 90 Line ensures optimal colour accuracy thanks to the integrated Color Profi System. Over 164,000 colours, from the early days of the automobile to special effects for the models of tomorrow, can be reproduced quickly, easily and practically. With its simple and reliable colour identifcation, 90 Line guarantees an optimal refinishing solution for every colour.

EASY: Easy workflow as part of the straight forward RATIO Aqua System process, Easy mixing formulas that prevent you from getting the mixture wrong, Easy application using conventional spraying techniques | EFFICIENT: Less time needed thanks to fast application, short flash-off and booth times, Less material needed thanks to the excellent hiding power and the low amount of mixing base in the ready-for-use mixture | RELIABLE:Highly reliable results thanks to consistent application viscosity, Outstanding colour accuracy with the Glasurit Color Profi System