Here you can find al process used to make the bodyshop more efficent, productiv and to optimize process

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Basic KPIs

By reading this module, you can familiarise yourself with Basic KPIs.
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Bodyshop Audit

Bodyshop Audit offers a customised, 500-point bodyshop checkup based on your facility's targeted needs and covering all aspects of bodyshop operations including equipment, installations, paint & ancillary products, health & safety, spray boot functionality and employee training.  The results
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Colour Management

Colour Management provides a highly efficient colour retrieval reporting tool that will speed up colour search and selection, and optimise your processes by improving your paint cost and efficiency transparency.
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Efficient Repair

Shorten car owner waiting time and increase customer satisfaction The Efficiency Repair module will help you to sell additional small damage repairs to car owners while allowing you to further utilize and profit from your existing assets. Efficiency Repair offers these benefits: Decreased cycle
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Introduction to Vision 360

Vision360 is a suite of professional services designed to hep you create greater efficiencies, productivity, profitability and sustainability. Unleash Your Business' Potential Is your bodyshop performing as well as it could?
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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence offers a systematic and methodical approach to your bodyshop's operations that will enable your teams to organise their workplace in the safest and most efficient manner possible.  Following the principles of 5S (Sort, Set in order, Scrub, Standardise & Strict Discipline),
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Process Optimisation

Take your business processes to the next level The Vision360™ Process Optimisation suite is designed to improve your business productivity, capacity and overall efficiency, resulting in reduced delivery times, improved repair quality and increased customer satisfaction. Vision360  Process Optimisa
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Shop Design

Shop Design guides you to create an optimal workflow and ergonomic work process, leading to a reduction of overall working process times.  Whether you are reorganising an existing facility or building a new one, Vision360™ Shop Design will help you identify more efficient and cost-effective ways to
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Vision 360 Assured

Strengthen your competitive position, image, customer satisfaction and loyalty     The Vision360™ Assured module is your assurance of offering your customers the best service possible.  Vision360™ Assured is a customer satisfaction and binding program that guides you to achieving specific standar
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Vision 360 Consult

Improve your business performance and optimise productivity The foundation of the Glasurit® Vision360™ program is Vision360™ Consult. Vision360™ Consult is a unique, industry-specific education and mentoring program influenced by best practices in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, and tailor
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Vision 360 Proficiency

Benchmark your key business performance indicators against others in your industry The Vision360™ Proficiency module teaches sustainable improvement strategies for increasing sales and profits while exceeding bodyshop performance. Now that you have identified your business key performance indicato