Find out how to use the Glasurit Products and which process can be applied how

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CV - Damaged Panel Repair - Metal

You will acquire systematic insights into the application of damaged metal panels for automotive refinishing.
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CV - Spot Repair Process with 68 Line

Technicians are provided with a thorough explanation of the concept, set-up, targets, benefits and procedures of the spot repair process. The spot repair process is designed for the repair of smaller scratches and minor stone-chipping damage.
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CV - Body shop Equipment

You will acquire systematic insights into the commercial vehicle (CV) equipment needed in a paint shop.
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CV- Drying Process

The drying of a preparatory product and/or paint is a crucial phase in commercial vehicle (short CV) refinishing. Aside from the economic result, both, the immediate and long-term quality level of the paint job, may depend on this process.
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CV - Direct Gloss 68 Line

You will acquire systematic insights into the application of solventborne direct gloss topcoat for commercial vehicle (short CV) refinishing. When you have finished reading the e-booklet, you will be familiar with the functions of a direct gloss topcoat.   
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CV - Color Retrieval with Color Truck Guide (CTG)

You will obtain a step-by-step explanation for color retrieval using the Color Truck Guide (short CTG). The Color Truck Guide is a practical system consisting of color swatches with paint that are used for solid. 
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Damaged Panel Repair - Plastics (CV)

Select, correctly prepare and apply body filler, primer and fillers, according to the type of plastic being repaired.
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New Panel - Plastics (CV)

You will acquire systematic insights into the application of new plastic panels for automotive refinishing.