Glasurit 22-1250 rallye black


The HS topcoats of line 22 are distinguished by their high solids content. This line of paint has an excellent covering power and is very economical and can be processed in accordance with VOC (according to EU Directive 2004/42 / EC) using the mixing coat 522-MC35. The first-class course and fast drying are real advantages in processing. The Glasurit line 22 can be applied with the HVLP gun and achieves a first-class finish.

Select hardener according to ambient temperature and size of object to be painted. |Also for use on plastics, without the need to add Glasurit 522-111 Softface Additive. | Do not mix with 522-M 0 and 522-MC 35 Mixing Clear. | Prepare only the quantity of paint that will be used the same day because the gloss level may change when the mixture is stored! | Stir immediately after adding 522-322 HS Matting Agent!