Glasurit 151-170 SD UV Primer Filler Spray Can, grey

151-170 SD

Perfect for cosmetic damage: Spray it on quickly and boost efficiencyGlasurit 151-170 SD UV Primer Filler grey makes cosmetic damage repair even more efficient. The familiar UV primer filler is now available in a spray can. It is available wherever you need it for quick application and always ready for use. Body shops save valuable time when repairing tiny areas because there is no need to prepare or clean a spray gun. In addition to the quick and easy process, the UV primer filler in a spray can offers the same advantages as Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler. It features excellent adhesion to metal and plastic and dries especially quickly under the light of a UV-A lamp with no heat development. This allows plastic parts to retain their shape and makes cosmetic damage repair even more profitable.

Suitalbe for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and plastics. | If plastic parts are primed with 934-10 Glasurit 1K Plastic Adhesion Primer, the product can be used on all coatable plastics that are commonly used in the automotive industry. | Good corrosion resistance, excellent topcoat holdout.