Find out how to use the Glasurit Products and which process can be applied how

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Interior Color Process

You will acquire systematic insights into the concept, set-up, targets, benefits and procedures of the interior color process, which enables customers to paint interior areas such as the engine compartment and trunk without using any clearcoat.
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UV Primer Filler Process

The UV Primer Filler Process is an easy and safe solution for repairing small to medium-size damage.
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Radar & Sensors

You will acquire basic knowledge about radar sensors used in vehicles and how these are impacting automotive refinish.
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Refinity - Mix Application

Welcome to our new Refinish Cloud - Mixing Module for color retrieval with Refinity. This guide will show you the “Quick way to mix”. If you need further assistance for detailed use of system, please get in contact with your local BASF color experts.
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Refinity Scan Application

Welcome to our new Color Refinish Cloud - Spectro Module. The following guide will show you how to use the new “Spectro Module” with its new features which will be available in Refinity.