Glasurit 284-90 CV Primer Filler white


The universal talent with a license to save.The chromate-free primer filler is a true all-round talent for use on many substrates. It offers reliable corrosion protection for all types of vehicles, from box-type vehicles to buses. Glasurit 284-90 CV Primer Filler white isn't just easy to handle. With its outstanding sagging resistance and excellent flow, it also provides the best basis for superior finishing results with the 68 Line HS 2K CV topcoat system. With Glasurit 568-408 CV Primer Tinting Paste, the white color of the primer filler can be tinted to match the color of the topcoat that will be used later. The primer filler therefore supports Glasurit's CV gray shade concept. Tinting in the matching gray shade ensures a high level of color accuracy and efficient coating with all Glasurit CV topcoat systems, which also gives the primer filler a license to save topcoat. Glasurit 68 Line: Brilliant. Efficient. Durable.

Suitable for commercial vehicle repair and aluminum add-on parts. | Due to the large number of different aluminum alloys, the coating of large areas of vehicles (e. g. dropsides) or the close-to-production line coating of vehicles must be tested from a technological standpoint beforehand. | 283-6150 Wash Primer can be used in advance without separate testing. | The substrate should be clean, free of dust, rust, oils and grease. | The pre-treated metallic surface must be coated on the same day to prevent renewed oxidation.